GOP establishment suffers from Stockholm Syndrome

President Obama and his socialist cabal are destroying America, step-by-step, minute by minute.

He’s killing jobs, strangling the economy, snuffing out capitalism, and destroying our children’s lives with massive debt.

He’s demonizing business owners, punishing success, and redistributing income from the makers (the job creators) to the takers (his voters).

And now, millions of Americans are losing their health insurance because of ObamaCare. Oh and he happened to know this was going to happen for three years now -- but said nothing.


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Isn't that fraud and misrepresentation? When a private sector CEO uses fraud or misrepresents the truth to sell a billion dollar product, don't he or she go to prison?

The real question is why is the GOP establishment standing by as Obama destroys America? Are they stupid? Are they cowards? Are they just dense? Are they in on it, just pretending they oppose Obama, but are really on the same team? Or, are they suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?

What is "Stockholm Syndrome" you might ask. Well, the Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages are in a state of denial and exhibit irrational empathy, sympathy and positive feelings toward their captors, defending and even apologizing to them.

Today’s GOP establishment appears to suffer from this mental disorder.

The real statistics of the Obama economy are mind-numbing:

- Ninety million working-age Americans are not working, the highest in history.

- More Americans now receive entitlements than work full-time.

- The typical American family earns less today than in 1989.

- The number of Americans getting food stamps is now bigger than population of the entire Northeast - including New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia. And bigger than the population of the country of Spain!

- The national debt jumped $328 billion in one day, more than the entire budget deficit for the year 2007 under President George W. Bush.

- Nearly half of Americans have less than $500 in savings.

- More Americans are losing health insurance than signing up for ObamaCare.

Yet with the country headed for economic collapse, the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist.  

That's Stockholm Syndrome.

Obama and his socialist cabal call conservative patriots “terrorists” “extortionists” “legislative arsonists” and “racists” (comparing them to the KKK). And what does the GOP establishment do? They go along with Obama, belittling the few courageous conservative heroes trying to save America (and the U.S. economy) from a madman.

That's Stockholm Syndrome. 

Obama is turning America into a Big Brother Nanny State with nasty government bureaucrats controlling our lives.

He uses the IRS to destroy his critics and bankrupt his political opposition.

He uses the NSA to listen to our calls and communications -- no doubt planning to blackmail opposition candidates.

He uses the EPA to prevent America achieving energy independence from nations rife with supporters of radical Islam.

He creates new government regulations to bankrupt small business owners, starving donations to conservative candidates and causes. And he uses the SEC as a weapon to extort political donations from big business.

Yet, the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist.  

Stockholm Syndrome. 

Then there’s the corruption. Michelle Obama’s Princeton college classmate just happens to be a top executive at the firm chosen to build the ObamaCare web site. They are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.

That firm just happened to receive a NO BID contract worth over $600 million, then built the worst performing web site in history. Where did the $600 million go? That's taxpayer money, not Michelle Obama’s.

Yet, the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist.  

Stockholm Syndrome. 

In the past year Obama has fired nine commanding generals and suspended two others.

Is he purging the military of anyone who disagrees with his policies? To what end?

Something is very, very wrong. These are the military leaders who keep our children safe at night. Never in military history has anything like this happened. Where are the investigations?

Obama orders the IRS to destroy critics, conservative donors, and small business owners, while allowing the same IRS to hand over $4.2 billion in "tax credits" to illegal aliens, who never paid taxes, and claim multiple deductions for kids who either don't exist, or don't even live in this country. 

Yet Obama doesn't ask the IRS to investigate this fraud, committed by real criminals.

Only conservatives get hit with IRS investigations. Criminals get off Scot free because they vote Democratic. If this was a script in a fictional movie, Hollywood wouldn't buy it. It's that absurd.

Yet, the GOP says little, does less, and apologizes at any attempt to resist. 

Stockholm Syndrome. 

America is being destroyed, yet the GOP fumbles, retreats, and apologizes. It’s tragic.

One party is filled with frauds, crooks, and Marxists out to bankrupt the economy, wreck capitalism, and destroy America. And, the other party is filled with weak-willed cowards either scared of their own shadow, in cahoots with Obama, or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.