GOP debate: Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Kasich get out of the mud and focus on substance

What happened to my weekly mud wrestling?

Has ultimate fighting been banned from the Republican debates?

I have watched each week with disgust and amazement as the Republican debates just got deeper into the mud. As Donald Trump has landed Mike Tyson-type blows on his opponents and not just knocked them to the ground but kicked them a couple of times for good measure.

So when Trump said at the 30 minute mark on Thursday night "So far I cannot believe how civil it’s been up here," I shared his sentiments. Were Republicans really going to debate substance rather than fire off insults?

I kept thinking how long can this last? There would have to be a kick, a punch, an elbow, maybe even a bite on the ear. But no, it was four guys on the stage, staying calm, arguing points in a quiet, articulate manner. This was a real debate, that actually looked presidential. It was like watching the Daytona 500 NSCAR race with no car wrecks. It was almost boring. But not really. There was real substance. And real arguments delivered with passion!

After the last two GOP debates, I was ready to call an end. I wanted to put a warning sign on the screen reading "animals and children beware." And then put up an "R" rating with the warning -- adults only! I had had enough of the carnage and blood letting.

But Thursday night was different. Marco Rubio was back on his game making superb arguments for his points of view. John Kasich, as always, was Mr. Substance. Ted Cruz showed the great debating skills that made him a college champion. And Donald, the front runner didn’t throw a real insult all night, didn’t belittle anyone, and more than held his own with three guys who know a lot more on substance.

Trump didn’t try to sell steak or a tie, or a bottle of the greatest whatever in the world.

It was a great night for the GOP and now I want to see more.

I don’t think the night changed many minds of voters but it was certainly a nice way to end the week before the big winner take all races next week.

All I can say is bring on Hillary! Any of the four GOP candidates could more than hold their own with her on substance and style.

It was a good night. A little boring but that’s what debating substance always does.

Now, on to Guam and Washington, D.C. this weekend and the really big show on Tuesday, March 15 in Ohio and Florida!