By Robert MassiAttorney/FOX News Legal Analyst

This is a perfect example that wemust be right all of the time andthey only need to slip through the cracks once.


God bless the FBI and the work all law enforcement do to protect us each and everyday. -- It reminds us of the never ending battle and whatever it takes to catch the bad guys it should be done.

All this crap on waterboarding -- ask the families who may have lost their lives if other terror plots hadn't been foiled.

This is a true and silent war and all of us, as Americans, must realize and be reminded that law enforcement is the only line between a safe and unsafe America.

This is one issue that should be non-partisan. I could care less what method is used to catch the bad guys to protect Americans. -- Who would ever think that a representative from the U.S. Congress would demean the very people who keep her safe each and every day? Thank you law enforcement for your efforts.