Fool of the Week: Seth Rogen

What a week. So many nominees to choose from!

The resounding winner, however, is Seth Rogen.

Last weekend Rogen compared the film “American Sniper” and it’s hero Chris Kyle to… wait for it… Nazi propaganda.

Rogen apologized earlier in the week…

Look. You screwed up. We all do. You said you were sorry.  You should have left it there, Seth.

Move on, right?


This week, Rogen doubled down, suggesting that people took his attack on “American sniper” the wrong way. Because, after all, his grandfather was in the military.

That’s a lame-assed excuse, brother.

Don’t you know, Seth, you never ruin an apology with an excuse

It gives the impression that you’re not really sorry, that you’re just a poor, ol’ misunderstood Hollywood celebrity.

Seth Rogen: For doubling down on your bad comparison of an American hero to a genocidal maniac, you have earned the “Fool of the Week” title.