Fool of the Week: Sandra Fluke

Sometimes the Fool of the Week is tough to call.  I have to consider the  nominee, consider the comments, consider the context and then judge the comment fairly.

Other times.. the "Fool" just falls into my lap.

This week that happened. Just moments after the CIA interrogation report was released.

Sandra Fluke...tweeted this:

Sandra Fluke @SandraFluke

Horrified by #TortureReport & by how it mirrors domestic challenges of #sexualassault & violence against men of color by authority figures.

Yep. Sandra Fluke just compared  Eric Garner and sexual assault victims. Wait for it... to terrorists..

In other words, Sandra Fluke. You take a terrorist report and make it about racism & rape?

America was lucky you lost that congressional race in California.

For that asinine tweet.. Sandra Fluke, you are the “Fool of the Week.”