Farewell to the creator of the 'beehive': She made women stand a little bit taller...

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Back in 1960 Margaret Heldt scored a knockout punch with a hair style that became timeless.

Audrey Hepburn had one in 1961 and so did Jennifer Lopez in 2010.

British singer Amy Winehouse wearing a beehive hairdo

British singer Amy Winehouse wearing a beehive hairdo (The Associated Press)

Margaret's hairdo made ladies stand a little bit taller -- and bit more elegant --thanks to a liberal dose of hairspray.

She debuted the new look in the 1960 edition of Modern Beauty Shop -- and soon it became the most sought-after look in the country.

Margaret died the other day. She was 98.

But the hairstyle she created back in 1960 lives on.

A hairstyle that almost became famous without a name had it not been for the magazine writer --who noticed that Margaret's hair model was wearing a pin -- that looked like a bumblebee.

And from that day on -- Margaret Heldt would be known as the woman who gave the world the beehive hairdo.