Elizabeth Warren is the 'nasty' hypocrite

Progressive heroine Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren has jumped on the bandwagon of liberal ladies attacking Donald Trump for calling Hillary Clinton a "nasty" woman during the final debate.

At a Clinton rally in New Hampshire on Monday, Warren tore into Trump and said that it would be "nasty women" who will keep him out of the White House. "Get this Donald: nasty women are smart, nasty women are tough, and nasty women vote," Warren said.

"What kind of a man tries to hurt someone else, or get others to hurt someone else ... A nasty little bully."

"On Nov. 8, we nasty woman are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever," she continued. Of course, while Warren -- like all Clinton surrogates in the aftermath of the final debate -- is behaving as if calling someone nasty is the moral equivalent of drowning puppies for fun, she had no problem using the word herself in reference to Trump.

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"What kind of a man tries to hurt someone else, or get others to hurt someone else," Warren said at a Clinton rally in Cleveland in September. "A nasty little bully who can't win in a fair fight," she said. Not content to merely accuse Trump of inciting violence and bullying, Warren went even further, calling Trump "a man with a dark and ugly soul."

Apparently in Warren's mind, calling Hillary Clinton a nasty woman is beyond the pale, yet calling Trump a nasty bully with a "dark and ugly" soul is just totally fine. It's clear what is going on here.

Warren and the rest of Team Clinton know full well there is nothing objectively immoral about calling someone "nasty." They are seizing on Trump's comments solely because Clinton is a woman and a Democrat, and want her supporters to believe Trump's subtext was in fact "you are nasty because you are a liberal woman."

This is the exact same strategy employed by Obama's surrogates during his campaign and indeed after his inauguration. When people criticized Obama for being a socialist or un-American, his defenders argued, they were really criticizing him for being black. This is of course utter hogwash. Questioning Obama's far-Leftist sympathies was not a racial dog-whistle -- many were and still are concerned about his ideological worldview.

Likewise, calling Clinton a "nasty woman" is not a misogynistic dog-whistle, but merely a reflection of the fact that she is by most accounts and available evidence a particularly unpleasant person who is willing to attain power by any means necessary.