The presidential inauguration is now mere days away, yet the media still can’t grasp the reason why Donald J. Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, will be the one sworn in.

We are being told that Trump’s win is attributed to white working class males in the rust belt who were angry about their difficult financial circumstances. They did respond in huge numbers, but it wasn’t enough to account for the Republican victory.

There is a more accurate explanation for Trump’s success on election night. Polls and surveys tell us that an unprecedented turnout by Evangelical and traditional Catholics made the difference.

This demographic was effectively mobilized by non-profit organizations and Christian leaders that focused primarily on turning out evangelical Christians in key battleground states.

One group distributed stickers with the slogan ‘I’m a Christian. I’m voting!’ to over 400,000 people, another group ran PSAs in 110 million households, and evangelist Franklin Graham launched a 50-state Decision America tour to tell Christians their vote counted.

According to Pew Research, Trump ended up taking the evangelical vote by a staggering 81-16 margin. He also won the Catholic vote by a seven-point margin, the largest such Republican victory since 1984.

Given the clarity of these findings, I find it amazing that many still do not understand Trump’s appeal to evangelical voters.

The explanation is not a mystery. A survey commissioned by the Family Research Council indicated that nearly 60 percent of Trump’s voters were impacted by concerns over the sanctity of human life and religious liberty, both cornerstones of the GOP platform.

In the run-up to the presidential election, a final debate of the issues was held in Las Vegas. Moderator Chris Wallace asked a clear question about partial-birth abortion.

At first, Mrs. Clinton skirted the issue, but when pressed she came clean. She indicated unmistakably that she supported the killing of babies through the entire period of gestation and delivery. She made it clear those tiniest and most vulnerable human beings among us would have no rights whatsoever if she became president.

The October 20th Independent Journal Review said, “Even Democrats were cringing when Hillary gave her ‘late-term abortion’ answers.”

When asked for his reaction, Mr. Trump gave an unequivocal “that's not acceptable.” This fell in line with his earlier assertion, “I am pro-life, and I will be appointing pro-life judges.”

Just days after President Trump’s inauguration America will remember the 44th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision -- a ruling has led to the deaths of nearly 60 million babies.

Mr. Trump’s promise to appoint the right Justices to the Supreme Court is what won him the presidency, especially as it relates to the sanctity of human life.

It’s just that simple.