The headlines today at Fox News screamed: “Trump buries rival Cruz on way out of Cleveland.” But did he?

Or was Cruz’s political body already cold?

I believe Ted Cruz had already done all the damage to himself. Trump was merely giving the eulogy. Because on Wednesday night Ted Cruz committed career suicide on national TV, in front of millions of witnesses. Ted committed the worst sin in conservative politics --  he placed his own ego above the future of America and our children.

That’s a sin no conservative patriot can forgive.

Watching Cruz’s speech, I felt anger and outrage, but mostly I felt pity. I kept thinking, “What a sad, pathetic, small man.”

We can rip Ted to shreds on many levels.

Yes, he broke a pledge. He gave his word as an honorable gentleman, and he consciously chose to break it.

Yes, he became everything he’s ever fought against- he willingly gave Hillary red meat by embarrassing his own party’s nominee. He aided and abetted the enemy of conservatives.

Yes, he became a hypocrite of the highest order- he claims to be a devout Christian…he gave a speech built around “unity and forgiveness”…then he failed to forgive or unite.

Yes, he proved himself unfit to be “President of the free world.” What if Putin called Ted’s wife ugly? What if Putin called Ted’s father a criminal? Would Ted drag us into World War III? What a petty thinker.

Cruz will be forever remembered as the symbol of a terrible sore loser for showing up on Donald Trump’s night…Donald’s big show…Donald’s coronation…with the intent to spoil the party.

But while all of those are true, that’s not the big reason Ted has ruined his political career.

You see Ted, I’ve been there, done that. I was at the same crossroads as Ted in 2012. And I chose the right road. My choice perfectly illustrates what a terrible decision Ted made on Wednesday night.

Back in 2008 I won the Libertarian Vice Presidential nomination. I became a Libertarian media sensation. I instantly became a regular guest on Fox News. I was hailed by many party leaders as the frontrunner for the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 2012. My future looked bright.

Then came four years of Obama's misery, malaise, debt and economic disaster.

I decided in 2012 that America couldn’t take four more years of Obama. So I put my ego aside. I decided that the most important goal in my life was stopping Obama from causing any more damage. I believed the damage Obama could do to small business and the struggling American middle class was far more important than worrying about my own political ambitions.

I put my ego aside for the good of the country. I walked away from a possible Libertarian Presidential nomination to help save my children’s future. I resigned from both the Libertarian Party and my positions on the Libertarian National Committee and as Chairman of the Libertarian National Campaign Committee. Then I endorsed Mitt Romney on Fox News.

As a patriot, I chose my country over my ego.

Ted Cruz had that same choice on Wednesday night. He could have put aside personal grudges, hurt feelings, old wounds, and political ambitions for the good of his party…for the good of capitalism and conservatism…and for the good of his country. It was the perfect time to choose God and country over ego.

Ted chose ego. He just couldn’t forgive or unite. Not even with the future of his children’s freedom hanging in the balance. Ted didn’t think the damage of a third term of Obama (which is what Hillary has promised to deliver) was more important than his own political calculations and ambitions.

I was a Ted Cruz fan until Wednesday night. I was rooting and praying for him to end his speech with three simple words, “I endorse Trump.” He’d have been a hero. He’d have been the automatic heir apparent to Trump in four or eight years. And I would have helped him get elected as President of the United States. I’d have worked as hard for Ted, as I did for the past year for Donald.

But Ted changed everything with a very bad decision.

I’m sad for Ted Cruz. Today his political future is in tatters. His disloyalty will never be forgotten by patriots. His miscalculation was massive.

Worse, he has put himself in a no win situation. If Trump wins, Cruz will be forgotten in the dust heap of history. If Trump loses, Ted Cruz will be blamed for choosing ego over party and country.

Let "Ted's Not So Excellent Adventure" serve as a cautionary tale for all politicians. The choice is always your country over your ego.