Did Obama just send Hillary Clinton the all-clear on the FBI investigation?

Each day brings new details about the classified information Hillary Clinton had on her homebrew server. The disclosures are inevitably followed by demands that she be indicted.

Color me skeptical that she will face criminal charges, especially after President Obama’s kind words for her.

His praise of Clinton’s experience in an interview, twinned with his comparison of Bernie Sanders as a “bright, shiny object,” were widely interpreted as a Clinton endorsement.

Correctly so, but there’s more to it. Obama wouldn’t be endorsing Clinton if he intended to let the Justice Department indict her. Thus, I believe his remarks also were meant to signal the all-clear on the FBI investigation.

As interviewer Glenn Thrush put it, Obama “couldn’t hide his obvious affection for Clinton or his implicit feeling that she, not Sanders, best understands” the complexity of the job.

While the White House insists that Obama remains neutral, Thrush quoted an aide saying the president is “clearly thumbing the scale for Hillary.”

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