The Washington establishment is frantically melting down, fearing that the end of the Trump era might not be near, and admitting that – surprise – the Deep State really does exist after all and is working overtime to stop President Trump.

President Trump’s opponents are scared that the big blue wave they hope will give Democrats majority control of the House of Representatives and Senate in the November midterm elections may never materialize, and may simply be a figment of their imaginations, hopes and dreams.

The anti-Trump forces – Democrats and even some disgruntled Republicans – are hoping for Democratic majorities in Congress to block the president’s legislative agenda, launch numerous investigations of him and his administration, and achieve their ultimate goal: the impeachment and conviction of President Trump to remove him from office.

After all, the Trump-haters have never accepted him as the legitimate president of the United States. He wasn’t supposed to win the 2016 presidential election – Hillary Clinton was the anointed one.

Certainly, his opponents believe, the president they consider “illegitimate” is not supposed to help more Republicans get electedin the November midterm elections.

Now the anti-Trump “resistance” is calling on reinforcements embedded at all levels: the left-wing clones entrenched in the media who attempt to pass themselves off as journalists; the Trump opponents in Congress who behave like kids kicked out of a candy store; and the opportunistic plants in the Trump administration who mistakenly think America voted for them.

Organized pandemonium has broken out in our nation’s capital.

The crystal ball of the anti-Trumpers was wrong. The dire picture they tried to paint of a future under a Trump presidency, complete with Chicken Little and the sky falling, didn’t quite work out the way they expected.

The sky is still very much intact and our economy hasn’t tanked, as Trump opponents predicted it would. In fact, America is experiencing more prosperity now than we ever saw under President Obama, and our nation is much more respected abroad.

That may be one reason Obama chose to go after President Trump by name in a speech Friday at the University of Illinois.

Members of the establishment are hyperventilating and trying to martyr themselves all over the place. In addition to Obama’s speech, this week alone saw several outrageous acts of desperation.

It began with the organized meltdowns at Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on his nomination to the Supreme Court.

The Senate – once known as “the world’s greatest deliberative body – has turned into amateur hour and a complete clown show.

The behavior of Democratic senators and protesters in the audience for the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing was so revolting that Kavanaugh’s daughters had to be escorted out of the room.

At times it was difficult to tell the difference between screaming protesters and protesting senators.

Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., attempted his Spartacus moment for maximum TV coverage toward the end of the week. But it turned out he was less Spartacus and more opportunistic politician.

In melodramatic rants, Booker repeatedly told anyone tuning in that he was willing to lose his Senate seat by releasing confidential documents showing Kavanaugh supported racial profiling. The problem was that Republicans had already informed him those documents were cleared for public release and they showed Kavanaugh was not in favor of racial profiling.

All hail Sen. Spartacus – whose dramatic moment turned into a comedy sketch.

While all this was happening, The New York Times – in a breach of normal journalistic standards – published an anonymous op-ed by someone claiming to be part of the anti-Trump resistance, supposedly working inside the administration to stop the president.

What motivation would a reputable newspaper have for publishing this without a name behind it, and what motivation would the writer have for writing this without using his or her name?

Does the writer want to come off as brave enough to take on the president, while being too cowardly to reveal his or her identity? Sounds like this person is a bit conflicted, no?

The op-ed ran 24 hours after excerpts of the contents of Bob Woodward’s book “Fear: Trump in the White House” were published by The Washington Post, where Woodward became famous as a crusading Watergate reporter. Conspicuously, the op-ed in The New York Times parroted the anonymous sources in the Woodward book, all actually proving the president is right about the Deep State.

Ironically, the author of this op-ed, and the anonymous sources in the Woodward book, were likely among the same people accusing the president of being paranoid when he first talked about a Deep State within the government trying to undermine his work. Now they’re admitting it … in print.

If The New York Times wants to give us news, then give us a name. Without that, this has all the sensationalism of a gossip magazine.

Following the Times op-ed, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., suggested the president’s Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment, which could lead to his removal from office if he can’t do his job and allow Vice President Mike Pence to take over. Warren even went so far as to take to Twitter and urge her supporters to call on the president’s Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Warren was a tenured Harvard Law School professor, and she’s going to this extreme step based on an anonymous op-ed? Some would call that hysterical.

Much to the shock and horror of the D.C establishment, President Trump has been able to succeed after winning an election he was never supposed to win.

A wide-ranging, politically charged witch hunt that began even before he took office hasn’t stopped President Trump from making America great again; it’s likely the multiple attacks on him underway now won’t stop him either.