David Bossie: The Trump army must march to the polls in 2018 and send a message to Democrats

The announcement that President Trump has hired 2016 Trump campaign veteran Brad Parscale to manage his 2020 re-election effort is a master stroke of genius that accomplishes many objectives.

First of all, I know Brad well having worked with him during the 2016 campaign. He’s smart, he knows how to win, and he knows how the candidate works. He’s also a genius when it comes to digital and online communications, a space that all campaigns will focus more and more on in 2018, 2020, and beyond.

The timing of the Parscale roll-out is very savvy in that it eviscerates the fake news that pops up in the mainstream media from time to time speculating that perhaps the president would not seek re-election. This story is now dead as a doornail; President Donald J. Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2020 with an outstanding record of conservative accomplishments to run on.

It also sends the unequivocal signal that President Trump enjoys leading our great country that he loves, that he’s ready to fight for a second term, and that he is determined to see his entire Make America Great Again agenda enacted.

At two years and eight months until November 2020, can anyone question the president’s resolve and purpose when it comes to making the case to the American people for another four years?

At two years and eight months until November 2020, can anyone question the president’s resolve and purpose when it comes to making the case to the American people for another four years?

Perhaps most importantly, in all of this, is that President Trump has no reservations about making his re-election campaign a big player in the 2018 midterm elections.

The president is keenly aware that his agenda will face great hardship if out of touch Nancy “Crumbs” Pelosi were to retake the gavel and become Speaker of the House again in January 2019.

The conventional wisdom in Washington is that the party out of power will pick up seats in Congress during a president’s first midterm election. The mainstream media is having a field day spinning this narrative.

This is where Donald Trump the political genius comes in. Since becoming a candidate, President Trump thinks about how to turn conventional wisdom on its head.

The decision to start running for re-election now, much earlier than the Washington political class deems appropriate, is all Trump.

There was nothing orthodox about the Trump campaign in 2016 and there will be nothing orthodox about the Trump campaign in 2020.  This is exactly what the swamp detests because it’s all new and different – and effective.

Very astutely, President Trump is going to focus on Republican voter intensity in 2018. If the Democrats' intensity will be as great as the media is hyping it, how do Republicans try to match it in 2018? The answer is to energize the Trump army that swept the president to victory in 2016 and let them know that the Trump presidency and agenda is on the line in 2018. I can think of no better way to deliver a message of urgency to tens of millions of loyal voters than by getting in the race now.

President Trump can now make the case that if you vote for Republicans in the House and Senate, you are voting for President Trump and his winning agenda of strong economic growth, strong national security, and taking on the failed Washington status quo.

Conversely, if you vote for a Democrat for Congress, you are voting to make “San Francisco Nancy” Speaker of the House and nothing but pessimistic Democrat obstruction for two more years.

The rudderless Democrats have no positive agenda for America and if they are put in the seat of power will do nothing but rehash the Russia collusion myth ad nauseam.

After nearly two years of investigations and millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars spent, the American people have scandal fatigue and want their leaders in Washington to focus on achieving positive results for hardworking families.

This is exactly what President Trump is offering. He’s selling his conservative reform agenda of lower taxes, less red tape, a foreign policy based on President Reagan’s peace through strength, more affordable health care, and law and order on the border. 

Pelosi and the Democrats are stuck with their broken policies of the past. There is no hope with an agenda that is driven by big government, high taxes, more welfare, open borders and unfettered illegal immigration.

President Trump is right to make his campaign a major factor in the 2018 midterm elections because he understands the stakes: Do you want Donald Trump’s agenda of more economic growth and optimism about the future or do you want Nancy Pelosi and more of the Democrats’ Russia witch hunt?

The choice is clear. The Trump army must march to the polls on Election Day 2018 and send a message.