Daniel Turner: The real Russian ‘conspiracy’ is happening in the energy sector

The only thing the left seems to want to talk about these days is impeachment.

Radical House Democrats, led by freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is clamoring to impeach President Trump. Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., started calling for impeachment two weeks after Trump was inaugurated.

The foundation for impeachment was Russia: Russia meddling in our election, Russia allegedly colluding with the Trump campaign to subvert our democracy, Russia using social media to create division, Russia stealing Hillary Clinton’s emails, Russia leaking sensitive information to WikiLeaks, and so on.


Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller, in his farewell press conference Wednesday, spoke of the serious threat from Russia.

But amidst all this talk Russia’s nefarious influence, there is real Russian collusion happening right now, and it’s in full view of the American people and deliberately orchestrated by the very Democrats who are demanding impeachment because of Russia.

Cuomo and radical environmentalists need to determine if America’s interests, jobs and the environment are actually important to their political agenda.

It all has to do with the environmentalist movement.

The liberal bastion of the Northeast is importing natural gas from Russia. New York state is turning to our adversary to meet demand. Boston Harbor regularly sees tankers from Russia.


This seems contradictory. Natural gas production in the United States has reached record highs. In a recent visit to a new $10 billion liquid natural gas export (LNG) terminal, President Trump touted the facility’s importance in dominating the world energy markets.

This is not good news to the radical green movement.

For years, environmentalists have worked to influence energy policy in the Northeast. There, they have used their tremendous wealth and power to push radical green policies on politicians who enact their agenda regardless of its environmental and economic consequences.

There's no better example of such a puppet politician than Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Since 2014 Cuomo has banned hydraulic fracking in the state, parroting environmental activist talking points that it would cause “adverse health outcomes.”

As 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper will tell you, that’s nonsense. A geologist by training, Hickenlooper has said that fracking is “remarkably safe,” and proved it by drinking fracking fluid himself.

But facts never stop Cuomo. In January he announced New York’s very own “Green New Deal,” with the goal of eliminating the state’s carbon footprint.

Under Cuomo, New York has unilaterally halted interstate pipeline construction, undermining the ability of other states in the region from accessing natural gas.

The result of these eco-policies has predictably been unnecessary shortages. Now, some customers in the state are facing moratoriums on natural gas hookups.

With local natural gas production restricted by his nonsensical fracking ban, and pipeline bans preventing natural gas from being brought into the state, liberal New York has turned to Russia.

“We should be producing energy at home, not enriching foreign adversaries abroad,” Trump said at the LNG facility in Louisiana. Cuomo either hasn’t heard or doesn’t believe, that message. And that is dangerous and wrong.

The foreign policy left should be outraged that American taxpayers are enriching our adversary by purchasing Russian LNG. They remain silent.

The eco-left should be outraged that tankers from Russia have a much bigger carbon footprint than pipelines from Pennsylvania. They remain silent.

The working-class left should be outraged that potential American jobs in energy production and transportation remain uncreated.

Embracing safe fracking methods and permitting more natural gas pipelines would give customers in the Northeast a steady supply of American energy. It would create American jobs. It would be better for the environment, putting fewer tankers in the ocean. It would, most importantly, cut the revenue stream from the U.S. to Russia, limiting Russia's influence in the global energy markets and its hegemonic goals.


That sounds like a win for everyone involved. Cuomo and radical environmentalists need to determine if America’s interests, jobs, and the environment are actually important to their political agenda.

Because if they really want to curtail Russian influence, they should look in their own backyard.