The walls of the nation’s political establishment, Republican and Democrat are crumbling. A New CNN poll says that only a quarter of the electorate trusts the government. Sounds high to me.

John Dingell, who was first elected to a seat in 1955 before Elvis had his first hit record, is sending out urgent requests for funds to save his seat from a challenger that no one really knows. His family has held this apparently hereditary fiefdom since FDR was first elected in 1933.

Mike Castle and his followers who just took a thumpin’ in the Delaware primary are taking their toys and going home saying they won’t support newly minted nominee Christine O’Donnell. They will retire to the Republican country club and look down their noses at the Tea Party and Sarah Palin who cost them “their seat.” Funny I thought it was the people’s seat? Silly me.

Desperate politicians do desperate things.

Harry Reid “tweets” flank steak wearing Lady Gaga over gays in the military desperately trying to look relevant to in the juvenile world of modern communications. Does Harry Reid even know who Lady Gaga is? John McCain “tweets” Snooki of “Jersey Shore” about the tanning tax.

Newt Gingrich wades into the “what makes Barack Obama tick” discussion about whether the President was influenced by a Kenyan revolutionary grandfather he never knew. Here’s a hint, Newt—if you want to know what makes Obama tick don’t look to Africa. Look to Harvard, Columbia and the corrupt Chicago political machine for answers.

The whole establishment is desperately trying to figure out how to hold on to its power in the face of a voter revolt this country has not seen in a long time if ever.

To help these establishment lost souls find their way may I offer a little cowboy common sense to assist them.
Watch It When You’re Sayin’ “It Can’t Be Done.”-- Someone Is Liable to Interrupt You By Doin’ It

Right up until Election Day the Republican bigwigs in Delaware said O’Donnell couldn’t win the nomination. They put the full weight of the state and national party behind Castle and he got beaten by 6 points. Castle and his band of elitists never engaged the Tea Party folks and dismissed them as nut jobs. That was a big mistake and one the 71-year-old Castle can ponder in his retirement.

When You Lose, Don’t Lose the Lesson

The lesson here is that folks out in Bumpkinville, USA are fed up with the political oligarchy, Republican and Democrat. If the lesson both parties take away from yesterday is that the Tea Party-backed candidates can’t win in November there will be a lot of sorry incumbents cleaning out their desks come November 3.

Only a Buzzard Feeds on His Friends

The natural home for most Tea Party folks would seem to be more in the Republican than Democratic Party but the whining by the Castle people and national Republicans after getting soundly beaten will only help Democrats. Instead of feeding on your potential friends may I suggest you instead feast on a little humble pie and ask how you can help. You are only reinforcing the notion it is all about “you” and the Washington power game and not the people you are supposed to serve.

Don’t Argue Just for the Hell of It

Message to Newt Gingrich: You are a thoughtful policy guy not a prairie populist. You will never strike the chord that Sarah Palin has so don’t even try. Stick to what you know not musing about a theory regarding the president’s family tree. And be careful lest your opponents start rummaging around in your attic of personal foibles to write articles on what makes you tick.

If You’re Ridin’ Ahead of the Herd You Might Want to Look Back Every Now and Then to Make Sure It’s Still There

For most of this campaign season the herd has been with you, Republicans and it could carry you to victory in November. A big part of that herd is the Tea Party and you need to remember that every day until the election. If you want the job of trail boss of this outfit we call America and lead it to the next watering hole and into the tall grass stop bickering amongst yourselves. If you do your job right the herd will be there. If not they will scatter and it will be hard to round them up again.

And here is a bonus to all politicians and one I have said many times.

Never Miss a Chance to Shut Up

Specifically to Harry Reid and John McCain. Stop “tweeting” celebrities like Snooki and Lady Gaga so you can look hip to the young. They can see right through it and this election without the #1 celebrity Barack Obama on the ballot they are not likely to vote. Try acting your age and for Senator McCain, stop listening to your daughter.

There will be a lot of new faces in Washington come January 2011. And if the establishment doesn’t figure a way to adapt to this new environment, come January 2013 there will be even more.