Buycott over boycott: Let's put our faith -- and funds -- in biblical truth

You may have heard that a movie I played a small role in, “God's Not Dead 2,” was recently mocked on “Saturday Night Live.” Both Pat Boone (who also has a role in the film) and I have been asked about it and we've responded in the press as millions of Christians have been offended by the unnecessarily raunchy skit, which was titled, "God Is A Boob Man." Some even called for a boycott of the show.

I have nothing against boycotts, and would never dissuade individuals from deploying them -- it's a free country after all. But sometimes our boycotts generate publicity and promote the very things we disagree with. As the saying goes, all publicity is good publicity, and there is certainly some truth to that. Many organizations are still learning this, as we see boycotts happening in Georgia and North Carolina from liberal rock stars.

But I think there is a better way than mere boycotts: I'm a big supporter of the buycott. That is, combining a boycott of the things we don't like with the patronizing of those groups or individuals who are doing things right.

“Saturday Night Live” took some real shots at our movie. It’s the same old tired liberal narrative that if you don’t agree with a radical departure from the norms of history regarding marriage and support a total upheaval of its definition, you’re a “hater” or a “bigot.” You would think that critics of Christianity could come up with something original, or at least funny, but it doesn’t appear they can.

I like comedy and satire and I wouldn’t call for SNL to be censored because that doesn’t prove anything or make things better. Let them say what they wish. But let's also mobilize and do as we wish. And if we don’t agree with the messages coming out of Hollywood, we need to buycott the good and show studios and filmmakers alike that we will put our money behind those who make films that promote biblical truth.

That's why I’m urging believers across America to support “God’s Not Dad 2” when the DVD is released on August 16. The more successful a film like this is, the more insignificant will be the smears. And, trust me, nothing irritates the irreligious Left more than when Christians are successful in getting their message out.