Beauty pageant contestants are not #MeToo victims

Last week the 96-year-old Miss America competition decided to drop the swimsuit portion of their event. The move is widely regarded as a consequence of the MeToo movement, a way to stop the degradation of women. The longtime beauty pageant will no longer focus on beauty nor be referred to as a pageant.

When we think of MeToo going too far, altering the parameters of a beauty competition is in line with that stretch. This move does nothing about the harassment of women and it sends the message that maybe women showing too much skin were the problem all along. The women signing up for Miss America know in advance about the swimsuit competition. They are not there to interview for a job as a reporter or nuclear physicist and then suddenly asked to strip so their bosses could get a better look at their bodies.

The women of MeToo did not sign up to be judged on their beauty. They didn’t ask to be cornered by their bosses and slobbered on or be propositioned so their career could advance.

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