Award-winning actress, singer: Thankful for being alive and happy

This time of year, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to get the latest gadget or toy.   For me, as I’ve gotten older, it's more about wanting to spend time with those closest to me.  Because time is the greatest gift we can give to those we love, and get in return.

The thing that I am most grateful for this year is my family. We are blessed that my mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and my niece and nephew are all healthy.

We’ve all been through our physical challenges.  We’ve had a lot of loss this past year when we lost our aunt Roslyn, and certain friends have come and gone, people have passed away.  Yet, we still remain tight and close knit.


I know at the end of the day, if anyone in my family needed a thing, another member in our family would make sure it happened.

Not everyone in this world has that. It is something that you have that is easily taken for granted.

I am so happy that we are healthy and able to celebrate what we believe to be the true meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of Christ.

So instead of concentrating on that new leather jacket I want (which, by the way, I really do want from Helmut Lang), I think I’ll just try to be grateful for being alive and happy and being with my family and my closest friends.

That is what I’m most thankful for.