There are plenty of reasons to vote for Democrats and to support President Obama’s agenda in the midterm elections. Vote for the Democrat if you believe:

• Government spends too little.

• The national debt and deficit are too small.

• The economy is growing too fast.

• There are too many people working in the private sector and not enough in the public sector.

• There are too few bureaucrats.

• Taxes are too low.

• There’s no such thing as too much government control when it comes to your health care.

• Terrorists have too few rights in our legal system.

• Restrictions on illegal immigrants and tightened border security are too harsh.

• The stimulus and bailouts have been too tiny.

• Benefits and pensions for government workers are too meager.

• Union membership is too low and unions have too little power.

• The Constitution is too outdated.

• The U.S. is too strong, too influential, too competitive, and too unapologetic about it.

• America is too unlike France and Greece.

• Big government is too small.

Because Democrats are just too unreasonable, it’s time to vote them out: “Enough already!”

Communications consultant Jon Kraushar is at www.jonkraushar.net.