In 2009 President Obama began his term in office by apologizing to the world for past-perceived U.S. transgressions of arrogance and heavy-handedness.

The president appeared to believe that if he just changed the tone he could unilaterally disarm our enemies and win back our allies.

The fact is, since Obama took office, the world is a much more dangerous place and America has been benefited from his weak of leadership and resolve.

Let’s look at the state of the world with Obama in charge:

- North Korea: The Obama administration has had NO effect on North Korea’s continued march toward maintaining and increasing their nuclear arms threat to the region and the world;
- Venezuela: Obama has become the new “Satan” according to Chavez. Our president had NO effect on better relations with a leader he criticized George Bush for isolating;
- China: Obama treats the PRC with kid gloves. Why? Because he’s afraid to offend the largest of America’s creditors. As a result China has not been helpful with North Korea, environmental responsibility or trade equality;
- The Middle East: No progress has been attempted or made with regard to real efforts to engage the parties on a lasting and sustained peace;
- Europe: The president spent a lot of time shuttling back and forth to Europe in his first year. But he came away with next to nothing to show for it. From apologizing, to pandering, picking up an undeserved medal and lobbying for the Olympics, (an effort that was doomed before he even took off from Washington), the president has come up empty handed;
- Russia: Obama surrendered our national security interests in Europe when he knuckled into Russia’s demand for America not to place missile defense systems in former USSR satellites with nothing in return to show for it.

The United States of America has nothing to apologize for. Why is this administration so embarrassed by America’s greatness?

Our nation is the freest, most generous nation on Earth. We have a long history of sticking up for and fighting for the oppressed and helping those in need. We have crossed oceans to free nations. We are willing to sacrifice our treasure and our people for a greater good and we are the first to send humanitarian and financial aid to countries hit by disaster, natural or otherwise.

Look no further than America’s response to the earthquake in Haiti, as a prime example of our power and compassion used for good. Our government and our people have offered humanitarian, military and financial aid at great sacrifice to our country at a time of deep recession.

When the chips are down to whom does the world turn to for leadership and action? The world turns to America, each and every time.

Where a calamity of Biblical proportions hit Haiti where was the rest of the world? Where was Cuba? Where was Venezuela? Where was Russia? Where was Iran? Where was North Korea? Many of the same countries that either consistently bash us or have the resources to robustly respond don’t.

When those folks attack America for its greatness and standing in the world, we should remind them that when Americans died on foreign soil standing up for their freedom, the only land we took for our own was only that which was necessary to bury our fallen.

America is a great power and for the sake of a more peaceful world we had better stay that way. Without the United States and our beliefs in freedom, liberty, humanity and justice, this world would be uninhabitable.

Bradley A. Blakeman served as deputy assistant to President George W. Bush from 2001 -04. He is currently a professor of Politics and Public Policy at Georgetown University and a frequent contributor to the Fox Forum.