ALISYN CAMEROTA: The Top 4 Things Not to Say to Mom and Top 4 Things You Should Say to Her on Mother's Day

If you’re stressed about finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day this year, don’t worry. Some sweet, heartfelt words to Mom may be even better than that new blender. We went to Twitter to find the top 4 things to say to Mom this Sunday and the 4 things NOT to say.

What NOT to Say:

#4 -- Mom, what’s for dinner?
If there’s ever a day to take the cooking out of Mom’s hands, it’s today. Take her out to dinner. Or better yet, make her a home cooked meal. Oh, and clean up afterwards. She’ll be tickled.

#3 – Why isn’t there a Kids' Day, anyway?
This is what MY own kids asked me this week. I had to remind them that Halloween may not officially be called “Kids Day” but it should be. As should every day I take them to the playground – cause that sure ain’t a “Spa Day” for moi.

#2 – Can you spot me some cash?
Really? Today??

#1 – Do you know where Dad is?
The only good answer to this is, “Buying me something very expensive, I assume.”

What TO Say instead:

#4 – I love you and all you’ve done for me.
We all think it but we don’t say it nearly enough.

#3 – Dad doesn’t know how good he has it!
You’re reading her mind.

#2 – Now that I have kids, I have to say, “You were right!”
Satisfying on so many levels – and keeps her from having to say, “I told you so.”

#1 – Have you lost weight?
Works every time.

Alisyn Camerota is a Fox News Channel anchor and mother of three.