By Brigadier General Anthony J. Tata, (Retired)Broad Academy Fellow, Eli Broad Foundation

I received an e-mail telling me to check out the responses to my Hollywood Heroes columnand was overwhelmed and gratified to see so many respond in such a positive fashion. I guess most soldiers, such as myself, go about our business and don't expect too much in return. It's a part of our ethos, as many of you commented, and therefore my aforementioned surprise at the great posts.


One of the many personal e-mails I received was from Staff Sergeant William Vile's former battalion commander. Then-Sergeant Vile is the hero in my first Boots on the Ground Report and I purposely kept his name out of the piece because I remember how embarrassed he was by all of the attention he received from my team and me as we medically evacuated him from the Korengal Outpost to Bagram Airfield Combat Surgical Hospital. I received the former commander's e-mail on Wednesday this week. I was in a business meeting when my Blackberry buzzed indicating I had a new message. Noticing the sender and the topic, I scanned the e-mail and the words...

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