My song, "The Obama Budget Plan" (which you can see here on YouTube), explains that President Obama’s budget plan is to spend as much of our money as he wants, on anything he wants and pay for it by just printing more money.

The fact is, President Obama doesn’t really seem to have a plan at all. His administration has been working without a budget for almost three years now. Not only that but the president seems to view having to consult with Congress as an inconvenience and he tries to go around them at every turn.

His latest plan is to blame the Tea Party Movement for this nation's first-ever credit downgrade because they forced him to face the debt crisis that he created by his out-of-control spending. Then he and his aides want to blame the S&P for bad judgment -- in addition to continuing to blame George Bush.

Simply put, President Obama is the “Blamer in Chief.”

I try to find the humor in everything but there is nothing funny about what President Obama, his policies and his associates are doing to this country with the assistance of a political party that obviously cares more about the 2012 elections than the great nation they have sworn to protect and defend.

I’m tired of it. I’ve heard it all before and don’t want to hear it anymore.

I’m tired of hearing how we have lost a war and how our troops are like horrible people who terrorize and kill innocent people in the dead of night.

And I’m tired of hearing good, honest, caring people like the Tea Party folks be referred to as ‘terrorists” by people who won’t even call a real terrorist a terrorist.

Nothing is going to change in America until those people are defeated at the ballot box and politicians, regardless of their political arty, decide to put America first and return her to her roots of free enterprise, fiscal responsibility and fairness.

Ray Stevens is a two time Grammy award winner, multi-platinum, multi-gold recording artist who has sold over 25 million albums.