All the rumors, hearsay, speculation, and motives divining about President Clinton's speech in Charlotte Wednesday night were rendered irrelevant by the simple truths he articulated in stating his argument for President Barack Obama's reelection.

These simple truths can be summarized in three campaign themes that have exemplified Bill Clinton's career and are the reasons why he is supporting President Obama's reelection:

First, it's about the future, stupid.

In the 42 years I have known him, Bill Clinton has always been about the future -- and he reminded Democrats that only  President Obama has set out a vision to improve the economy by maintaining a balance between government programs that are needed by the middle class and a private sector that must be energized as the engine of job creation.

Second, it's about fairness, stupid. 

President Clinton reminded the nation that President Obama stands for equity in paying down the nation's $16 trillion national debt -- where people who are wealthy and super-rich pay their fair share, rather than having their taxes cut further.

Finally, it's about decency and civility, stupid. 

Of all the messages, President Clinton used the language of respect -- and respectful disagreement -- with Governor Romney and Rep. Ryan's ideas. And he said he saw in President Obama a willingness to practice his kind of politics --not the kind that announced that the central priority would be to defeat President Obama, rather than solve the problems of our country.

The Clinton-Obama hug that followed the 50 minute speech after it ended is emblematic.

Now, President Obama on Thursday night needs to endorse Simpson-Bowles, as President Clinton suggested he should.

Will he?