During the Hannukah-Christmas-New Year's season the saying, “Eat, drink and be merry,” should really be, “Eat, drink and then feel sorry for yourself for gaining 10-pounds in two weeks.” Here are some simple ways to get through all of the parties without gaining too much weight to fit into your New Years’ dress.

1. Eat before you go to a party
Sure, we all go to parties to eat and drink the night away with endless amounts of decadent foods and frilly drinks. But that is exactly why holiday parties can be a nightmare for weight conscious folks.

Make it a rule of thumb never, ever, to go to a party when you’re famished. Hungry people reach for the first edible thing in site and eat like a vacuum until they are stuffed. Don’t be that person. Have an apple or a yogurt on the way to your party so that you are still able to pick on some holiday treats without being uncontrollably ravenous.

2. Do a Lap

Sometimes there are a few tables of food laid out. When this happens, don’t just start piling things onto your plate. Do a lap around the room to scout out what you really want. It would really stink to fill up on dry roast beef, only to learn that your favorite dish was being served on the next table. And no, that doesn’t mean that you should have both. Make educated decisions.

3. Find the Greens

Let’s be honest, at most parties there is always a veggie platter or salad. When you spot it, try to load half your plate with that first.

4. Always carry a glass of water

There’s an interesting juggling act that goes on at cocktail parties as people try to gobble up finger foods with one hand while their other hand is seemingly glued to a bottomless glass of wine. Instead of tying yourself down with a glass of wine or a cocktail, use one hand solely for a glass of water and rotate food or drink with your other hand. You’ll be upset that you ultimately don’t have three hands for all three things, and amazed that you won’t get quite as drunk or full by switching off.

5. Indulge!

Nobody wants to see you giving the evil eye to the freshly baked cookie tray. If you see something you like on a buffet table and it’s calling you towards it, it’s okay! Give in to the craving. Help yourself to a modest portion, and walk away. The key here is to walk away once you’ve helped yourself. Walk away.

6. Go Sexy

Forgo the loose fitting sweaters and jeans that are a size too big and wear something sexy. It’s a lot harder to overeat if you’re wearing a form-fitting dress or suit. You literally won’t be able to fit another bite in.

7. Don’t be That Person

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that eggnog is loaded with fat and calories. Alcohol may bring a party to life, but it’s also empty calories and should be kept at a minimum. Opt for a wine-spritzer to take the edge off without getting completely intoxicated. If those aren’t your thing, try having a glass of water in between every round of alcohol so you don’t get too tipsy. Not only will it wreak havoc on your healthy eating goals, it could also lead to some not so flattering water-cooler talk the next day.

8. Take Control

If the party is at a friend’s house, offer to bring a dish. This way you can make something healthy and delicious that you and everyone else can enjoy without an extra serving of guilt.

9. Get Enough Sleep

You’ve heard it before, tired minds don’t make good decisions and this is very true when it comes to food. If you’re tired you will forget everything on this list and just reach for the first buttered roll, brownie or anything else in sight.

10. Be Social

It’s easy to find prime real-estate by the food table and stand by and keep a watchful eye on all your favorite foods. But you didn’t attend the party to stuff your mouth and be alone with your plate, you came to be social. So do just that. Make rounds, mingle, and do not make people think you’re working the event.