The world was forever changed when a stone was rolled away to reveal an empty tomb two thousand years ago. No claim is as grand or carries with it greater consequence than the claim that Jesus was raised from the dead. The shocking truth is that we live in a generation that is becoming less aware of the Biblical foundations that have sustained us in years past. The event that signified earth’s greatest hope has given way to a bunny rabbit, colored eggs and candy. We have watched as our nation has “dumbed down” spirituality.

The scriptures tell us that an angel rolled back a stone at the grave site of Jesus in order to let those that were present peer inside. What they found was an empty tomb. It is imperative that we grapple with what rolled away with that stone:

1.   The idea that Jesus’ claims to be God were baseless.
2.   The idea that the Old Testament prophesies would be fulfilled in another.
3.   The idea that death is the final word.
4.   The idea that the supernatural is a myth.
5.   The idea that God does not concern himself with the affairs of man.
6.   The idea that women are to be secondary to men (women were chosen to be the first to witness the resurrection).
7.   The idea that Jesus is equal to other religious leaders who occupy graves.
8.   The idea that Jesus will be subjugated to any confines of man’s making.
9.   The idea that Jesus’ followers placed their faith in anyone less than earth’s savior.
10. The idea that truth doesn’t exist.

Our greatest mistake as a nation would be to live as if Jesus remained in the grave. Easter reminds us that God is reaching out to man. Herein lie Easter’s meaning and our greatest hope.

Rev. Bill Shuler is pastor of Capital Life Church in Arlington, Virginia. For more, visit CapitalLife.org.

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