10 Qualities Needed In Our Public Leaders

As we embark upon a midterm election, our nation considers who will be granted the honor of leading us in the days ahead. The times in which we live demand that we choose wisely. The following are 10 qualities needed in our public leaders:

1. Courage to make hard decisions.
2. Character and a set of core values that merit trust.
3. A clear vision for the future.
4. The ability to call forth the best in others.
5. Discipline.
6. Recognition that he/she is accountable to the people.
7. The ability to see things, not simply as they are but as they ought to be.
8. The respect of his/her family.
9. The flexibility to learn, improve and adjust.

10. A track record of placing the good of the people over personal ambition.

Our ability to vote came at a price. It is our duty to make certain that we are informed and that we take part in this vital civic responsibility. Nations rise and fall as to the caliber of their leaders. The quality of our leaders is dependent on us.

Rev. Bill Shuler is pastor at Capital Life Church in Arlington, Virginia.