The key to 2011 successes rests in doing what politicians and the Party promised in the recent midterm elections. It is just that simple.

How refreshing would it be if elected officials actually did what they promised?

Elected officials need to stick to principle without being divisive or unwilling to compromise on policy for the greater good.

In a divided government it is imperative to find common ground.

It sounds easier than it is in practice. There are politicians and then there are statesmen.

It is easy to be a politician but it is challenging to be a statesman. To be a statesman requires politicians to be involved in the political process. Not only that but it requires knowledge, principle, honesty, leadership and resolve to get the job done right.

Now more than ever America needs statesmen. Our problems and challenges are too great for the mere run-of-the-mill politician.

In the fall of 2010, and in advance of the midterm elections, Republicans came together and unveiled their "Pledge to America," a concise 21 page document which laid out a plan for governance in the 112th Congress. In the preamble to their Pledge, Republicans made the following statement, which they claim would guide all their actions:

"America is more than a country. America is an idea -- an idea that free people can govern themselves, that government's powers are derived from the consent of the governed, that each of us is endowed by the Creator with the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. America is the belief that any man or woman can -- given economic, political, and religious liberty -- advance themselves, their families, and the common good."

If those words ring a bell with you, it is because these are the words of our Founding Fathers.

The Pledge goes on to state that we have drifted far from the intent, spirit and meaning of documents that gave birth to the greatest nation the world has ever known.

This is how they describe our current condition: "An unchecked executive, a compliant legislature, and an overreaching judiciary have combined to thwart the will of the people and overturn their votes and their values, striking down long-standing laws and institutions and scorning the deepest beliefs of the American people."

In other words, an arrogant and out-of-touch government of self-appointed elites makes decisions, issues mandates, and enacts laws without accepting or requesting the input of the many.

"Rising joblessness, crushing debt, and a polarizing political environment are fraying the bonds among our people and blurring our sense of national purpose."

The American people want their government to rule from a position of reality not ideology. They want their government to solve problems but more importantly they want their government to prevent problems from manifesting themselves to crisis proportions.

We have become reactionary and diversionary in governing over the past few years. Obama's administration has ruled using of ideology instead of reality to govern. His administration created a "crisis" on health care when we had an honest to goodness crisis on the economy and joblessness that his team refused to confront head on.

When Democrats controlled all branches of government with high majorities they past behemoth 2,000 page bills that no legislator could possibly have read before voting. They created "czars" and commissions not directly responsible to the people. They met behind closed doors and there was no transparency when crafting legislation. And the legislation that was passed was immediately challenged by numerous states as being unconstitutional.

Folks, it is time to get back to basics. For Republicans to be successful they need to do the following:

1. Listen to the people

2. Work with Democrats to create jobs, provide certainty in the marketplace from Wall Street to Main Street and make America more competitive

3. Stop out of control spending and return to fiscal responsibility

4. Reduce the deficit

5. Repeal, defund and replace Obamacare

6. Keep America safe, strong and secure

7. Restore trust and confidence in governing. -- No more 2,000 page bills, more transparency, accountability are necessary.

8. Create a Constitutional test for every bill that is presented; 9. Keep taxes low and incentivize the private sector to prosper.

10. Get serious about laying the groundwork to make America energy independent.

If Republicans were just able to accomplish these 10 things, America would be well on the road to a full and robust recovery. Words are meaningless without actions that stay true to the promises made by politicians.

Republicans have been given the opportunity to lead and share power. America will be watching and will hold them accountable so that their words will match their deeds.

Bradley A. Blakeman served as deputy assistant to President George W. Bush from 2001-04. He is currently a professor of Politics and Public Policy at Georgetown University and a frequent contributor to Fox News Opinion.