It's becoming clear that Joe Biden is starting to listen to the "radicalized people" who backed Sen. Bernie Sanders' failed bid for the White House, and they're taking Biden "further left," President Trump said Thursday night.

"I think [Biden is] afraid of the people on his left," Trump said during a phone interview on Fox News' "Hannity."

"These are very radicalized people. I mean, he's going so far, he's given Bernie everything," Trump said, referencing the Democrats' unity convention platform. "Bernie can't even believe it. Bernie is going around saying, 'I can't believe what we got.'"


Trump also dismissed former President Obama's recent campaigning for Biden, his former vice president.

"Today, I saw President Obama with him. And remember this, I wouldn't be there if it weren't for those two," Trump said. "If they did a good job, I wouldn't, you know. I ran, I ran against what they did and I won."

Earlier in the interview Trump addressed the lawlessness and violence spreading through major U.S. cities, such as Chicago and Portland, Ore. -- saying his administration had to act regarding Portland.

"I've offered them all, every one of them, and there's ten of them. We're offering all of them. Let us go in, we'll clean it up. We'll clean it up," Trump said. "Now in Portland. We had to do it because ... they're anarchists. That's even, that's a level that people haven't seen but they're anarchists."

Trump addressed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s visit with protesters -- where he was booed, told to resign, given a list of demands and tear-gassed by federal agents.

"They knocked the hell out of him," Trump said about Wheeler, calling the Democrat "pathetic."

The president said he wants to help cities like Chicago -- provided the feds are "invited" -- calling the violence that's overtaken such cities "a disgrace."

"We'll go into all of the cities, any of the cities. We're ready. We'll put in 50,000 -- 60,000 people that really know what they're doing," Trump said. "And they're strong, they're tough. And we can solve these problems so fast. But as you know, we have to be invited in."


Trump also criticized local elected officials for not supporting local law enforcement.

"And they're not taking care of their police. They're not respecting the police. The police do an incredible job. It's a very tough job. It's a very dangerous job," Trump said. "And these mayors and by the way, governors and senators and congressmen, Democrat congressmen, they want to pass stuff to make the police less. They want to take all of their power away."

Fox News' Brie Stimson contributed to this report.