CNN was criticized for allowing Jeffrey Toobin back on the air after he was caught several months ago masturbating during a zoom call. Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren reacted to the network's decision on "Hannity."

TOMI LAHREN: Listen, if CNN wasn't a joke before it is certainly a joke now. Also, you know, a lot of us in mainstream media now, we have home studios. I can't imagine accidentally doing something like that, but furthermore, let's take into account the cancel culture mob that has gone after so many, both inanimate objects and people, in the last six months to a year, and now imagine this gentleman is able to come back on and be on mainstream media and talk about how he's had a rough seven months after doing what he did, and somehow we are supposed to feel badly for him? 

Listen, he has to have something on somebody, because even CNN couldn't excuse that if not for a greater reason. The cancel culture mob would have come after any conservative at any other network, they would have been done, they would've had to move to another country and never be in media again. 


So we have to beg the question, where is the cancel culture mob? Where is the #MeToo movement? Where is Alyssa Milano? You would think they would be pretty upset about something like this, but sadly they are not.