Fox & Friends, 6 a.m. ET: A preview of President Trump's trip to Dallas for a roundtable with faith leaders, law enforcement and small business owners from Scott Tuner, executive director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council. The Hill's Joe Concha; author Dave Rubin on how far the "cancel culture" movement could go.

On Fox News Radio:

The Fox News Rundown podcast: How Realistic Is A Rocket Ship Recovery? - As the U.S. gets over the coronavirus pandemic and tries to return to normalcy, are businesses going to thrive again as they reopen? Economist Art Laffer and Fox News contributor John Layfield weigh in on the adjustments businesses will have to make and the chances that the economy will be able to fully recover from COVID-19.

Also on the Rundown: The news has been dominated by George Floyd's death, with coverage of protests, looting, racial injustice and calls for police reform. Howard Kurtz, Fox News media analyst and host of the "Media Buzzmeter" podcast, discusses how the media has handled the demonstrations, President Trump's response to the civil unrest and the controversy over the classic film "Gone With The Wind" being pulled from a popular streaming service.

Plus, commentary by Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce.

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The Brian Kilmeade Show, 9 a.m. ET: A.B. Stoddard, associate editor and columnist for RealClearPolitics; Chris Wallace, anchor of "Fox News Sunday"; Leo Terrell, civil rights attorney and talk radio host; Bret Baier, anchor of "Special Report."

Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Noon ET: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discusses the call for police departments to be either defunded or even dismantled, and Fox News' Emily Compagno talks about which police reforms will actually work.