Today on Fox News, Aug. 20, 2019


On Fox News: 

Fox & Friends, 6 a.m. ET: Special guests include: Former Israeli Amb. Michael Oren on how the controversy surrounding Reps. Omar and Tlaib is being received in Israel. Dr. Nicole Saphier on Planned Parenthood withdrawing from a federal program that would have given it tens of millions of dollars a year. Former US Army Ranger Mat Best on his new book "Thank You for My Service." Stars of the new faith-based film "Overcomer." Plus, U.S. Sen. Martha McSally, R-Ariz.

The Story with Martha MacCallum, 7 p.m. ET: Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director

On Fox Business:

Mornings with Maria, 6 a.m. ET: Tom Bevan, co-founder and president of RealClearPolitics; Todd Olson, CEO and founder of Pendo

Varney & Co., 9 a.m. ET: William McGurn, member of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush.

Lou Dobbs Tonight, 7 p.m. ET: Michael Goodwin, New York Post columnist.

On Fox News Radio:

The Fox News Rundown podcast: "A Battle for Democracy” - The Hong Kong protests show no signs of stopping. With China now placing troops near the border, is military intervention and more violence inevitable? Fox Business Network’s Susan Li joins the Rundown from Hong Kong, and explains what the demonstrators want from China and the United States. The “R word’ is back and it's a scary word for many of us: Recession. A volatile market and some recent economic indicators have spooked some investors, but how concerned should Americans really be about an economic downturn? David Asman, host of "Bulls &Bears" on the Fox Business Network and Ross Gerber, co-founder, president and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management, discuss what all these indicators really mean. Plus, commentary by Pastor Greg Laurie, author of "Johnny Cash: The Redemption of an American Icon."

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The Brian Kilmeade Show, 9 a.m. ET: The latest in the 2020 presidential race, the Tlaib-Omar-Israel controversy and the markets will be discussed with Allen West, former Florida congressman, David French, senior writer at the National Review, Chris Stirewalt, Fox News politics editor

The Todd Starnes Show, Noon ET: Todd speaks with the Kendrick brothers about their new film, “Overcomer,” and entrepreneur and former US Army Ranger Mat Best talks about his new book, “Thank You for My Service.”