As COVID cases continue to climb, former White House speechwriter Marc Thiessen slammed Joe Biden's failure to deliver on his key campaign promise to control the pandemic. Thiessen remarked on how far Biden's approval ratings have fallen in 2021 with the 2022 midterm election less than a year away.

MARC THIESSEN: "His first act as president was to pass $1.9 trillion, trillion with a T, in COVID relief. Here we are 10 months later and we don’t have tests and there are lines around the block for PCR tests, you can’t get the at-home tests and no treatments. Where was the Operation Warp Speed for treatments? Why do we not have a surplus of all of these different treatments? Of course his poll numbers on that will decline. His poll numbers are underwater on every single topic. No president in my lifetime or probably American history has fallen from grace so far, so fast like Joe Biden. He started out with 56% approval rating. Today he is 10 points underwater, a 30-point slide in one year. No other president has fallen that far that fast."