The New York Post endorsed President Trump for reelection on Monday, declaring that he’s the right man to “make America great again, again” and a victory over Democratic nominee Joe Biden would also provide some entertainment by annoying Hollywood. 

“We can return to the explosive job creation, rising wages and general prosperity we had before the pandemic. We can have economic freedom and opportunity, and resist cancel culture and censorship. We can put annus horribilis, 2020, behind us and make America great again, again,” the tabloid’s editorial board wrote


“We can do all this – if we make the right choice on Nov. 3,” the editorial board continued, touting Trump’s pre-pandemic economy. 

“Elections are always about the economy, but never more so than this year. So a reminder: Until the necessary shutdown to fight the coronavirus, the unemployment rate stood at 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century. African American unemployment was 6.8 percent, the lowest figure since 1972. Adults out of the workforce for years found new prospects; for 17 months of Trump’s term, there were 1 million more job openings than people unemployed,” the board wrote. “That drove up salaries. For the first time in a decade, wage growth exceeded 3% year-over-year. It also narrowed the wealth gap.”

The Post praised Trump for “trusting the free market” and cautioned that a “Biden administration would be beholden to a socialist left that sees an opportunity to remake the nation in its vision, one more dependent on government debt.”

The Post also applauded Trump because he “rejected the globalist axiom that trade deals and unfettered immigration were better for Americans” and recognizing that “unfettered illegal immigration was unfair to American workers.”

The editorial board predicted Biden would “open the border floodgates again” and allow China to eat “our lunch” by taking advantage of America. In addition, the Post believes Trump has “defended pride in American values against those who slander our entire nation as a racist enterprise” and has “rightly railed against the permissiveness of politicians in cities such as Portland to the lawlessness on their streets.”


The paper’s editorial board says Trump is unfairly blamed for the coronavirus pandemic and that a vaccine will be available in the coming months. 

“We are likely to have a vaccine in the coming months, far earlier than many experts thought possible. The media don’t want to admit it, but that’s all thanks to the ‘warp speed’ policy instituted by the White House,” the board wrote before touting Trump’s foreign policy. 

“After previous administrations promised but did not move our embassy to Jerusalem, he did so, and, despite the doomsayers, nothing happened,” the board wrote. “Trump has not entangled us in new foreign wars, and has been pulling us out of the old ones. He cajoled Mexico to handle immigration caravans from Central America, and successfully pushed NATO allies to pay more of their commitments. When journalists write that the United States has ‘lost its standing in the world,’ they usually mean our standing at Davos cocktail parties. For the rest of us, it’s clear that Trumpism is focused on pursuing what’s best for our country.”

The endorsement came with slight criticism, as it called the president “vainglorious and thin-skinned,” admitting he probably won’t lose those personality traits anytime soon. 


“The question is what matters more: words or actions? The media are enormously fixated on Trump’s tweets and extemporaneous remarks, never learning the lesson that most of the time, he is just riffing. In endorsing him, we’re choosing to focus on President Trump’s actions and accomplishments. He has kept his promises,” the editorial board wrote. “President Trump will not be looking to remake the country. He will trust that America will, given support but not interference, bounce back. He will, in short, not get in the way. Reelecting him is the best choice for the United States.”

The endorsement concluded with one last reason why the Post prefers Trump over Biden.

“It’ll really tick off Hollywood,” the board wrote