New Jersey's first recovered coronavirus patient defends restrictions: 'Something that we need to do'

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New Jersey resident John Mormando spoke with Neil Cavuto on "Your World" Friday and detailed his recovery from the coronavirus.

"I didn't get any any symptoms at all for three to four days," Mormando began. "And then I started getting a fever and I started getting a cough. And then I started thinking, well, maybe this could be it.

"So I quarantine myself and went to the hospital the next day, did all the tests for everything but [coronavirus]. And then it came back negative ... We just thought it was a virus, maybe just a viral infection," Mormando went on. "I didn't go out to the country, so I wasn't really in the demographic for COVID-19. But as it progressed, I started picking up things and just started thinking... this might be it."


"So I presented it to my doctor at another hospital and they, and they admitted me," Mormando added.

The Oakland, N.J. resident spent a week in the hospital before going home to complete his recovery. Mormando said he considered himself recovered but that he is in self quarantine for 14 days as a precaution.

"I'm feeling a lot better, thank God. I still have a little cough, but I think that's more the pneumonia-like substances for my lungs. It's part of the virus. I have no fever at all. I'm not getting any chills," Mormando said. "So I consider myself cured, but I'm not taking any chances."


Mormando told Cavuto he believes he caught the virus from a friend at a local bowling alley and expressed his support for New Jersey's statewide curfew.

"I do not think that's overdoing it. I mean, you know, I got it from a handshake. Now it's something that we need to do," Mormando said. "I'm an avid bowler. People do not need to go bowling. There's no way they should risk their lives to go bowling, to go to the theater, to go anywhere. I mean, it's, it's serious. And we have to be diligent."