Mainstream media pundits and Democrats politicians alike have seemingly decided that a red wave by the GOP in the 2022 midterms will ruin democracy as we know it.  

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., set the tone earlier this week when he predicted the upcoming midterms could actually be the end of free elections in America. 

"I’m worried that if Republicans win in the midterm elections that voting in this country as we know it will be gone," Swalwell said on MSNBC. 

Rep. Eric Swalwell is worried that Republican success in 2022 will ruin democracy. (Senate Television via AP)

"They’re already putting as many barriers to the ballot box as possible… on the other side of the finish line, they’re putting in place processes where they could reverse the outcome even if we crawl through glass and run through the fire to get to the ballot box," Swalwell continued. "If they are able to win the House, the damage they could do to permanently make it difficult to vote and alter the way we participate in a Democratic process could be irreversible."  


The California Democrat boldly declared, "This is not only the most important election, but if we don’t get it right, it could be the last election." 

Political scientist Ian Bremmer echoed the notion when he claimed in an interview published Thursday "the reality is that U.S. democracy is in crisis" and people around the world won’t consider American elections as legitimate. 

"I mean, this clearly couldn't happen in any other advanced industrial democracy. We've just had elections in the last few months in Germany and Japan and Canada. We're going to have some in South Korea and France the next few months," Bremmer told Yahoo! News. "They will all be free and fair. They will all have peaceful transfers of power. They will all be seen as legitimate at home and globally, that you can no longer say that about elections in the United States of America."

Bremmer was then asked about the looming midterms, and he admitted "Republicans are almost certainly going to win the House of Representatives" and the GOP could overtake the Senate, too. 

"So I mean, how does this play out? This is all happening notwithstanding the fact that the putative leader of the Republican Party is the former president, who is continuing to argue day in and day out that Biden is an illegitimate president," Bremmer said. "I think it's very clear that you're going to see 2024 as a more significant political crisis for the United States than 2020 was."


Matthew Dowd, who recently ended his bid for Texas lieutenant governor so that a non-White, male Christian candidate can prevail, believes the nation’s democracy depends on Democrats prevailing in 2022.  (Dowd for Texas)

Left-wing media pundit Matthew Dowd, who recently ended his bid for Texas lieutenant governor so that a non-White, male Christian candidate can prevail, believes the nation’s democracy depends on Democrats prevailing in 2022. 

"If the Republicans take the Congress back, and the Senate, in 2022, and we have a presidential election unfold then I think we are at the point where our democracy is failed," Dowd said Wednesday on MSNBC before launching into a lengthy comparison between the human body and democracy. 


"One of the problems that I have with what’s happened over the last five years is that our democracy has gone under a stress test. And think about it like the human body," he added. "We’ve undergone a stress test, and we thought we were OK, even though we had a lot of miles on us, and a lot of years on us, we thought we were healthy. We were put under a stress test, and we realized that we weren’t, that there was a disease that had taken over the body politic."

"My concern is every single solution that has been proposed so far and done so far, even though there are certain elements that have been successful, have been like giving aspirin to the body without fundamentally dealing with the real problem that exists in America today," he continued. "Until we do that, there is going to be tumors. There is going to be all kinds of disease. … Right now we’re giving cold compresses, telling the country not to lift too much [sic] heavy weights and take your Tylenol, and that’s what it seems to be until we really understand that the bones and structure of democracy are breaking – are fundamentally breaking – and we have to get deeper into that to fix it."