Laura Ingraham: 'China has blood on their hands' for their role in the coronavirus pandemic

Laura Ingraham demanded "total cooperation and openness from China" in response to their role in the coronavirus pandemic, adding the country has "blood on their hands" and they should be punished if they do not provide information.

"It's essential that our health experts work cooperatively with other countries and that we all share data and findings about the disease as we try to stop it spread all over the world. Wonderful and brave doctors," Ingraham said on "The Ingraham Angle" Wednesday. "But we need the Chinese government to give us total and complete access to all their scientific data, including, by the way, the findings of doctors who first studied and discovered the virus."


"Some of that information was apparently destroyed. Well, we want to find it. We want it back. We want to know everything about patient zero," Ingraham added. "We want to know everything about the true recovery rates, the true mortality rates, including those who were locked in their apartments and left to die and move on."

Ingraham said reflection is needed on the United States' relationship with China, especially if they don't cooperate.

"If they're not operating in total transparency regarding this disease, then we have to ask ourselves why we want to continue to be integrated with them at all on any issue," Ingraham said. "We have nothing against the Chinese people, just like we didn't have anything against the Russian people during the Cold War."

"But President Xi and his politburo have to come clean here or we need to reconsider or consider, frankly, taking severe measures against Beijing," Ingraham added.


The host reflected on he damage done by the coronavirus, in large part due to China.

"But I thought about the millions and millions of Americans who work their butts off every day and see their dream, their dream of having a retirement someday, putting their kids through college vanish because of this virus," Ingraham said. "Much, if not all of this could have been avoided if China had only been forthcoming from day one. My friends, this cannot stand."