McCarthy blasts Pelosi over unemployment spike: 'She needs to be focused on helping'

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told "Hannity" Friday that fewer American workers likely would have been affected by economic restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic had Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., not held up the passage of last week's coronavirus aid bill.

"I wondered when I saw ... this week that six million more Americans lost their jobs, 'How many of them could have kept their job had Nancy Pelosi not held this up?'" McCarthy asked.


"Today when we took out [loans] for small business ... $5 billion got processed for small business today," McCarthy said. "That could have been [done] a week ago had Nancy Pelosi not held this up."


McCarthy also that Trump's action in late January to restrict travel to the U.S. from China has saved "millions of lives."

"What we need to be focused on right now is the health of the American public, and what you're watching ... what the president is doing is he's taken leadership day in and day out to make that happen.

"We need to be working together, unlike what Speaker Pelosi is doing ... She needs to focus on helping."