Judge Jeanine Pirro blasts FBI, says Michael Flynn was 'railroaded by a bunch of thugs, a cabal'

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Judge Jeanine Pirro told "Hannity" Monday that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had been "railroaded by a bunch of thugs, a cabal" working at high levels of the FBI during the bureau's Russia investigation in early 2017.

Moments earlier, Flynn's lawyer Sidney Powell told host Sean Hannity that Covington & Burling, the law firm that formerly represented Flynn, had turned over "another 17,500 pages of documents that they said they had missed in their first document production of 18 hard drives and over 800,000 or so documents."


"First of all, my hat's off to Sidney Powell and all of the phenomenal work she has done," the "Justice with Judge Jeanine" host said. "The idea of 17,000 pages still missing is outrageous. But the bottom line here is that a war hero was railroaded by a bunch of thugs ... whose mission was not fidelity, bravery, and integrity -- which is the mission of all FBI agents -- but rather their mission was to change the course of American presidential history."

Pirro contended that Flynn was collateral damage in the service of a political vendetta to avenge President Donald Trump's 2016 election victory.

The former Westchester County, N.Y., district attorney called on [U.S. District] Judge Emmet Sullivan -- a Bill Clinton appointee -- to vacate Flynn's guilty plea.

"Vacate the plea, dismiss the indictment, and in the end, what needs to happen is, General Flynn should be able to sue for a malicious prosecution," Pirro said. "There is so much bad intent here."


"These people agreed to destroy him to make him lose his job. That is unheard of in American prosecutorial circles," she added before calling for the current FBI director to be fired.

"This Christopher Wray has got to go," she said of James Comey's successor. " ... This guy is as deep in the swamp as the rest of them and the FBI is not going to change until he's gone."