Media watchdog and Grabien founder Tom Elliott ranked "the 20 most mortifying media moments of 2020" and determined journalists fawning over President-elect Joe Biden earned the top spot on his annual list.

"In the year everything went to s--t, America's media was already positioned for action. Rather than riding athwart the troubled waters of America in 2020, offering a beacon of accurate, intrepidly researched reporting to help guide the country, the biggest names in media time and again chose instead to abuse their positions, advancing narrow political interests in lieu of valuable, fact-checked information," Elliott wrote.

Elliott believes the media weeping "in ecstasy after their man" won the 2020 presidential election finished atop the list.

"Thankfully for America’s national media, their hard work paid off and their man was narrowly elected. The elation felt by many of these journalists was apparently so overwhelming, all they could do was weep in ecstasy. Which is what happened over and over again in the days after Biden’s victory," Elliott wrote. "MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill, in moment that represented everything mortifying about the major media, said she couldn’t help but break down in tears after hearing bells toll in Paris to celebrate Biden’s win. (Turns out that wasn’t true, but hey – what are ‘facts’ at this point besides pesky things to be censored?)"

Elliott then singled out PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor, who "somehow upped the vomitosis ante even further," when she claimed a Democrat compared Biden to superheroes.

"Something tells us we’re not going to be rescued from the craziness anytime soon," he wrote.

He added if there was a theme to the year, it was "gaslighting."


"Time and again news consumers were told that what they were seeing meant the opposite of what it clearly did," he continued before listing other "mortifying" moments of 2020.

Elliott’s list, which is double the length of previous editions, began with favorable media framings of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani after he was killed by a U.S. air strike in January.

The list reminded readers about the poor calculations by MSNBC's Brian Williams and the New York Times’ Mara Gay of Michael Bloomberg's wealth, how the media downplayed coronavirus in the early stages of the pandemic, the sudden pivot to overhyping coronavirus, and violent protests being painted as peaceful.

He mocked coverage of Bubba Wallace’s infamous "noose," CNN and MSNBC personalities spreading conspiracy theories, disgust over President Trump’s July 4 celebration at Mount Rushmore, and all-things CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

"Cuomo was a mortifying media moment unto himself. One of the first major media personalities to catch COVID, Cuomo claimed he was quarantining at his home in the Hamptons, as per the medical advice frequently championed on CNN. When he triumphantly emerged from his basement, cameras were rolling. The only problem was an incident earlier in the week, when an angry Chris Cuomo got into a confrontation with a biker, an incident that made headlines on The New York Post’s Page Six," Elliott wrote.


"When not misleading his viewers about his own handling of COVID, Cuomo helped his brother, the governor of New York, do the same. For reasons unclear, CNN waived its usual prohibition against reporters interviewing family members who are subjects in major news stories, so that the Cuomo brothers could prattle on air," Elliott continued. "The result was Gov. Andrew Cuomo – who was caught in a major scandal over his decision to send COVID patients to senior centers, which exploded New York’s death rate – able to whitewash his troubled public persona."

MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski’s regular outbursts also made the list, as did botched narratives about the USPS, Joe Biden’s campaign bus and the mainstream media’s blackout on coverage related to Hunter Biden’s overseas business doings.


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