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Heather DeSantis and Austin Holmes live and work full-time on their 23-foot Airstream—or RV. This “tiny living” couple wants to inspire everyone who feels cooped up during the coronavirus crisis that adventure can be around the corner and accessible to everyone.

“Everyone that we met for the most part on the road was 70 and above, and we think, especially if you're a young family, now's the time to really rebuild your life and make a life that you want,” DeSantis told Fox News. “With downsizing and living in an RV or Airstream and working, you have more room to think about bigger things.”

DeSantis explained to Fox News that she thinks working from home opens up the opportunity for a more blended life as opposed to compartmentalizing life, career and family. DeSantis runs a virtual team for her company, Publicity For Good, and explained the benefits that technology afforded her.

“Instead of having the added pressures of what to wear at work, an ego-driven competition, people are able to fully show up as themselves and focus on their work at hand with less gossip and ‘water cooler’ conversations,” said DeSantis. “Also because we are a results-driven team it provides more freedom and flexibility for people to live a blended life.”

Holmes, her Navy veteran fiancé, echoed her sentiments. He said that living in such a confined space shows the importance of being deliberate in terms of planning and decision-making.

“Now, with this crisis going on too, it’s just even more important to stick to a routine and be very intentional with your planning,” said Holmes.

DeSantis and Holmes acknowledge that living and working together in a confined space can get stressful, but said that sticking to a routine has helped them work through challenging moments. They recommend putting aside consistent time for each other every day.

“We have ‘coffee-talk’ every morning where we get aligned and we talk about our intentions for the day and what we're going to get done,” explained DeSantis. “We just have time together as a couple to connect before we get into our day-to-day or running a business or any of those things. It's exciting because we're both growing as people.”

For more on what it’s like to live in an Airstream during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond, watch the full interview with Heather DeSantis and Austin Holmes above.

Emily DeCiccio is a reporter and video producer for Fox News Digital Originals. Tweet her @EmilyDeCiccio.