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The Federalist senior editor and Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway told "Special Report" Friday that President Trump should focus on the economic and cultural aspects of the coronavirus pandemic during the daily White House task force briefings, rather than sparring with the media about medical issues.


Hemingway reacted to the backlash from the media to Trump's remarks during Thursday's briefing, which several outlets claimed amounted to a presidential endorsement of injecting people with caustic disinfectants to mitigate the virus.

"The whole thing was pretty ridiculous," Hemingway said. "Not that he should be speculating about innovative treatments, but he certainly was not being sarcastic about it either."

"The media focused on it and the way they framed it was also disingenuous," she added. "What would be great for both parties, media and Trump, would be to [be] thinking more about economic recovery and moving away from some of the focus on just the coronavirus itself."

Hemingway emphasized that Trump should not downplay the dangers of the virus, but added that focusing on his efforts to rejuvenate the economy would play differently in the briefing room.


"[T]hese briefings have focused ... very little on the other catastrophe that's taking place, whether it's economic or cultural or otherwise," she said. "And I think President Trump would be really well served to start highlighting and focusing at least as much on economic recovery as he has been on the health concerns of, exclusively, coronavirus."