Sean Hannity reacts to President Biden claiming rising costs in the U.S. are due to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine. 

SEAN HANNITY: All of that is a complete and utter lie. We're nearly 15 months into Biden's presidency [and] everything is going wrong. And I mean, everything. I can't name a single thing that's going right. 

Inflation [is] at a 40-year high and getting higher. Food costs, the cost of every item you buy in every store is now going through the roof. Energy costs – well, you never paid more in history for a gallon of gasoline and the cost to heat and cool your home is through the roof. On top of that, rents have now increased by over 17%. Interest rates – they are rising fast. Real wages are down by 3% and Biden's Green New Deal economy is now a living nightmare for you, the American people.

But remember, according to the administration: America's historic inflation has nothing to do with Biden's trillions of dollars in new handouts. And the record-setting energy costs have nothing to do with Biden's restrictions on oil and gas. By the way, everything bad that happens is Vladimir Putin's fault. 

[But] that is a lie, and thankfully Americans can see through [it].