GQ writer mocked for 'Russian quotation mark' claim in paper's Hunter Biden story

A writer for GQ was ridiculed on Wednesday for pointing out what she thought was a "Russian quotation mark" on a newspaper's tweet linking to the explosive report about Hunter Biden's lovechild.

GQ correspondent Julia Ioffe jumped on a tweet made by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, who first broke the story about court documents that show that DNA tests allegedly confirming "with scientific certainty" that Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden's son is the biological father of a baby whose mother he denied having sex with.

"Note the Russian quotation mark," Ioffe wrote in her now-deleted highlighted.

When responding to the possibility that the symbol used was meant as an arrow to guide Twitter users to click on the link, Ioffe responded, "Please tell me how to recreate that symbol without spending more than 3 seconds on a standard QWERTY keyboard."

After being immediately called out, Ioffe deleted the tweets and issued an apology.

"Deleted a couple tweets after being correctly corrected. Turns out the paper had used that symbol before. It had jumped out to me, a Russian speaker (and keyboard user) as a quotation mark and looked like other, sloppy attempts by Russian trolls to push stories," Ioffe wrote. "I apologize for the mistake, and am explaining it in the interests of full transparency. Thank you, everyone, for pointing it out!"

Many mocked the GQ correspondent for her tweets, including the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's online editor.

"Yeah hi I am not a Russian troll, I just work at a paper in lil ole Arkansas/ Sorry to disappoint @juliaioffe," Maggie McNeary wrote on behalf of her paper.

GQ did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

In a motion to partially seal information about the child from the public as part of an ongoing child support suit, an attorney for Lunden Alexis Roberts, an Arkansas woman and the child's mom, asked that the infant, referred to as Baby Doe in court documents, have Secret Service protection.


The attorney, Clinton Lancaster, informed the court in Independence County that because onetime Vice President Joe Biden "is considered by some to be the person most likely to win his party’s nomination and challenge President Trump on the ballot in 2020,” the child and those close to it should be entitled to the same protections afforded to Biden's other kin.

Roberts' paternity suit was first filed on May 28 when she alleged that she and Hunter Biden “were in a relationship” and that “Baby Doe” was born in August 2018 “as a result of that relationship,” according to reports by The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

In July, Biden denied having sexual relations with Roberts, according to an article by The New Yorker. He agreed to submit to a paternity test in October.