Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., joined "America Reports" Monday to discuss parental rights in education after New Jersey said it would teach gender identity to first-graders.

REP. NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS: Parents should absolutely have a say in their child’s education. That’s why Republican members of Congress introduced legislation, Julia Letlow and I, we've introduced legislation to give parents access to the curriculum, access to reading material, making sure they have an opportunity to meet with teachers twice a year, giving them an opportunity to protect their child’s private and personal information from third parties. 

There will be a lesson learned this November when Democrats are voted out in droves. You saw New Jersey governor [Phil Murphy] almost lost, and Virginia was flipped. If Mr. Murphy was so confident this was the curriculum his parents in the state wanted for their young children, why did he not talk about this before the election? If he did, he would not be there today as the governor.