Coronavirus patient Carl Goldman back home after testing negative: 'I have my walking papers'

A California man who appeared to have contracted coronavirus on a cruise ship in Japan recounted his journey home Tuesday after he was finally released from a Nebraska medical center after testing negative for the contagion.

"They have released me," Carl Goldman told "Bill Hemmer Reports". "I have my walking papers, and I'm allowed to head out if I want to [but] I decided to stay at home for an additional 14 days."

Goldman and his wife, Jeri, were on board the Diamond Princess in mid-February, when the outbreak first started to spread to Americans.

Host Bill Hemmer noted that Fox News has followed Goldman's experience, which included his quarantine stint in Nebraska.


Hemmer said that Jeri Goldman, who was also quarantined, described her experience as a "gift." Carl joked that he hasn't gotten to that point yet and noted that Jeri did not end up coming down with the virus.

"Maybe I will have a different-colored lens in a day or two," he said.

Hemmer also noted that Goldman celebrated his 67th birthday while being treated in Nebraska, and the former patient said that he indeed learned to "take things for the present"' and make "lemonade instead of lemons."


He said the public should understand that coronavirus is not as bad of an illness for many who contract it, adding that 80 percent who do so will have a mild case.

Goldman's symptoms consisted of what he called a mild cold with an elevated fever.

"I had a dry cough that remained for three or four days. A heavy cough and it jingled down. No fever. There was no sore throat, no headache, no body aches, no runny nose, no sniffles," he said.

He urged the public to purchase a digital medical thermometer as the U.S. transitions toward allergy season, when similar symptoms could be confused with the actual virus.

"Don't freak out with just a little cough," Goldman said.

Hemmer noted that Fox Nation will be releasing a special chronicling Carl and Jeri's journey on Wednesday -- called "Quarantine."