Adam Carolla on coronavirus restrictions: 'You can do the time or the time can do you'

Comedian Adam Carolla told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday that while there is much to lament about the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, the most productive thing to do is to make the best of the situation.

Carolla said that the outbreak and various restrictions imposed on commerce and other aspects of everyday life have put some on the "brink of insanity," but other families are using the time to value each other's company.

"It's a prison sentence. It's a short prison sentence. As they say, as the convicts say, you can do the time or the time can do you," he said.

"I figure you should do the time, meaning go out, build a treehouse with your son or daughter. Cook lasagna with your wife. Don't let the time do you. Don't end up with a face tattoo and a toilet filled with prison wine. You go out and use this little snapshot in life to live your life."

Carolla said he still records his popular podcast every day while under social distancing guidelines and that that part of his life has stayed somewhat constant.


"I have a philosophy, which is -- I will just say this to all your viewers: In your life, when has change really been bad in the big picture? The girlfriend that dumped you [and so on]: When you look back after a couple of years, immediately, it's bad. Like, right now, it's bad -- in a month, it might still be bad -- But [in] two years, I think you look at these little changes in life as a good thing."

"I think philosophically, change is always good," Carolla said. "Even negative change is good with time."