What does Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro have in common a crocodile belonging to a wildlife center in Hoyerswerdain Saxony, Germany? Besides being known for being somewhat "aggressive" and a penchant for wearing the color green, that is?

Less than they used to.

Zookeepers at the center originally named one of seven baby Cuban crocs the name of the former Cuban dictator as a way of making visitors aware of the animals’ country of origin. But the number of complaints have forced zookeepers to change the reptilian Fidel's name.

"Nobody intended it to be a direct reference to dictator Fidel Castro or indeed a glorification of him as a person," said zoo director Carmen Lötsch, according to the Daily Mail.

Germany’s government finance and culture committee, however, didn’t think the name was so harmless and ordered the zoo to give the cute croc – okay, as cute as crocs can get – a less controversial name.  It also warned the zoo against naming its animals after controversial figures in the future.

Scratch Che the cheetah and Pinochet the parrot off the list.

"The cultural body is one of our most import partners and ensures the survival of Hoyerswerda zoo." Lötsch said. "We therefore take its displeasure regarding the name very seriously, even if we cannot entirely understand it."

As for the croc's new name, zoo officials have deiced to go with Fidelio, but even that might not be sticking around for long.

Zoo experts have yet to figure out the sex of crocodile so if he actually turns out to be a she, than Fidelio will become "Fidelia."

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