March is one of those months where it's starting to warm up but still not nice enough to be spring. This is will bring us opportunities to save money on seasonal items.

Air conditioners: Since the weather will more likely stay fresh, March is a great month to buy a new air conditioner (if it’s on your list) or get repairs done since this is still considered off-season.

Frozen Foods: March is not only National Nutrition Month it is also National Frozen Food Month. We’ll see lots of sales making it the perfect time to stock up on frozen fruit and more. I expect to see more coupons to save on these items as well!

Gardening supplies: If you enjoy gardening then get ready to see gardening supplies sales during this month in preparation for spring.

Luggage: This is the time when retailers are liquidating their inventory to make space for the new models ahead of summer vacation. I don’t know about you, but this is the time I take advantage of these sales since luggages are something I don’t like to pay big bucks for since they take a beating, anyway.

Best Pix of the Week

Perfumes: The next major holiday is not until Mother’s day. Stores will be liquidating their stock from the holiday season as well as Valentine’s Day in preparation to inventory in new packaging.

Winter coats: Retail stores are eager to have all their spring and early summer clothes on display. This means that all those winter coats will hit the sale rack, and it’s the perfect opportunity to save some money!

Yoly Mason writes about frugality and savings tips and tricks in her popular Spanish written blog Cuponeando.net.

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