Why Kate Middleton Never Looks Bad in Photos

Ever sit and contemplate why Kate Middleton never seems to take a bad photo — like ever? Yes, a bulk of it has to do with being genetically gifted, but, according to The Guardian, there’s another more calculated reason, and it’s pretty easy to copy.

The U.K. paper asserts that Middleton is a pro at avoiding eye contact with cameras, and it’s for a very savvy reason.

“The Duchess of Cambridge is smart because she manages to avoid eye contact with the cameras at all times, making it impossible for any magazine to ever run a picture of her on the cover that looks anything other than incidental,” according to writer Rosie Swash.

It’s pretty brilliant — not only does it mean that the photos we get to see of the Duchess seem natural and off-the-cuff — whether she’s laughing, smiling or talking — but it also means she is perpetually avoiding looking bored, having her eyes half-shut, or something worse.

It might be strange to pose in holiday photos without looking at the camera, but if it means looking half as good Middleton does on the regular, it could be worth a try.