Which 'How-To' Question Does Your State Google More Than Any Other?

We're not sure who scares us more: the people in Delaware who keep Googling "How to get away with murder," or the people in Indiana who type "How to Google something" into Google's own search field.

For the record, the rest of America doesn't fare much better in a new nation-wide study. According to the real-estate experts at Estately, states in every corner of the country are Googling some of the strangest "how-to" questions we've ever heard, from the soul-selling occultists in Texas to the overzealous apocalypse-preppers in Nevada:

In fairness to the states we name-checked above, Estately makes it a point to clarify that each state's "how-to" question isn't necessarily what that state Googled the most, but what they searched more often than any other state. In other words, the folks in Kansas could be just as curious about getting away with murder, but they had a damn-near monopoly on people who didn't know where the heck they were currently living.

You can read more about Estately's study right here, along with hundreds of other questions each state Googled too frequently. And if you live in Delaware and you'd like to report a conspiracy to commit murder, you can always contact the Deleware Crimestoppers here.